Netanyahu favors capital punishment for Halamish terrorist

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July 27, 2017

The terrorist who killed Yosef, Chaya and Elad Salomon in Halamish last Shabbat “should simply never smile again,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday, advocating the death penalty in this case.

“It is time for the death penalty for terrorists,” Netanyahu said during a shiva call he and his wife, Sara, made to the Solomon home in El’ad.

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Netanyahu said the death penalty was anchored in law, but that a ruling on this matter needs the consent of judges trying the case, and they want to know the government’s position.

“My position as the prime minister is that in this case, with such a lowly murderer, he has to be taken out to die. He should simply never smile again,” he said.

The terrorist, Omar al-Abed al-Jalil, 19, from Kobar, was “neutralized” when shot in the stomach by a soldier from the IDF’s Oketz canine unit, on leave at the time – a neighbor of the Solomons in Halamish – who ran to the home when he heard the screams.

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Who is the sovereign on Temple Mount?

Jpost Opinion
By Michael Laitman / July 26, 2017

This Tuesday, we will mark the 9th of Av, when the Temple was destroyed. The Temple represents our unity. When we restore our union, we will not need bricks to prove our place is here in Israel.



THE TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, the site of a deadly attack last week.


THE TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, the site of a deadly attack last week.. (photo credit:REUTERS)


It is no secret that the Arab smear campaign in the media and the organized “popular” protests against the placement of metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount have nothing to do with security measures. From the perspective of the Wakf (the Islamic organization controlling and managing the Temple Mount), and the rest of the Arab world, the resistance to the detectors represents the resistance to Israel’s sovereignty on Temple Mount in particular, in the city of Jerusalem, and in all of Israel. The longer this campaign lasts, the more the Arabs will gain the favor of the world, and Israel will increasingly be seen as the bully in the neighborhood.


By now, hardly anyone remembers that the detectors were placed at the entrances because three terrorists opened fire on Israeli police, killing two officers and wounding a third. All that everyone sees now is that Israel is not letting Muslims pray in their holy site, when in fact, the only people keeping worshippers outside the Temple Mount are the Wakf, who are telling worshippers not to enter in protest of the placement of detectors.


The Temple—the Unity of Israel


Not only the Wakf objects to Israel’s authority on Temple Mount. The resolutions of UNESCO denying the Jewish history on Temple Mount, Jerusalem, and the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron represent the view of the entire world that we do not belong here. If the UN were to vote today on the establishment of a Jewish state, who would vote “Yes”? Probably not even America.


To be a sovereign in the land of Israel, and particularly on Temple Mount, you must understand what the Temple represents and lead your life accordingly. The book Netzah Israel (Chapter 4) writes, “The House was ruined due to unfounded hatred, for their hearts divided and they parted and were unworthy of a Temple, which is the unity of Israel.”


If we honestly reflect on our society, on what we project to the world, it is clear that we are deeply divided and project disunity and discord everywhere. The Maharal of Prague writes in Hidushey Avot (Gittin 55b): “The Temple should be the wholeness of the entire world, not of Israel alone. …Since the Temple is the wholeness of the entire world, the nations included, it was not ruined by the nations, but only by unfounded hatred and division, when Israel divided.”


In other words, the Temple does not belong to any one nation or faith; it represents the unification of the world. Therefore, only those who advocate and execute unity merit being there. The Hebrew word Yehudi (Jew) comes from the word yihudi, meaning united (Yaarot Devash, Part 2, Drush no. 2). When we, Jews, united “as one man with one heart,” it was the first and only time in history when people of different, often rival clans from all over Babylon and the Near East united and forged a nation. Our unity, therefore, was a model for the entire world to follow. As a result, immediately following the establishment of our peoplehood, we were commanded to be “a light unto nations,” to take our method of unity to the rest of humanity.


The book Sefat Emet (Shemot, Yitro) describes what it means to be “a light unto nations”: “The children of Israel are guarantors in that they received the Torah [the light of unity] in order to correct the entire world.” But if we are not united, and therefore do not project unity to the rest of the world, can we truly regard ourselves as the “children of Israel”? And if we are not truly the children of Israel, united like the children of Israel are meant to be, can we claim sovereignty over the land?


The Sedition Conquered the City, and the Romans Conquered the Sedition


Jewish-Roman historian Josephus Flavius lived at the time of the ruin and witnessed many of the events first hand. He wrote very clearly about the causes of the ruin of the Temple and the exile (The Wars of the Jews, Book IV, Chapter 6): “The sedition [among the Jews] conquered the city, and the Romans conquered the sedition.” In the days of the Temple, Flavius details, “The attribute the [Jews] lacked most was mercy. …They transferred their rage from the living to the slain, and from the slain to the living [of their own people]. The terror was so great that the survivors called the dead ‘happy,’ as they were already at rest. … These men trampled upon all the laws of men [love of others], and ridiculed the words of the prophets. Yet, these prophets foretell … that the city should be taken and the sanctuary burnt by war when a sedition invades the Jews, and their own hand should pollute the Temple. Now these zealots … made themselves the instruments of the fulfillment [of the prophecies].”
When you think of the current hatred between the two sides of the political map in Israel, or between the two sides of the political map among US Jews, the similarities to the enmity among our ancestors are too striking to ignore. “At the end of the period of the Second Temple,” writes the book A Letter from Elijah (Part 3), “strife and hatred intensified in Israel, and pride was the root of the desire for absolute dominance. This brought them into hatred of their fellow person until they could not stand the very existence of the other. From that root of pride also emerged the audacity to sin shamelessly, for they did not perceive the contradiction between their actions and their views, and their conscience did not cause them to conceal their actions. And if they do not care about the conflict between their views and their actions, then they are regarded as ‘all sin.’ These are the things that caused the ruin of the House.”


A Land without a Sovereign


Today, we have a state, and we seemingly have sovereignty. But the name, “The State of Israel,” is still devoid of content. Our intolerance toward each other, our disdain toward our own people is skyrocketing. If we do not realize that we are repeating the same crime of unfounded hatred we committed two millennia ago, we will be banished from this land again until we are ready to unite above our differences as did our forefathers in the desert.


This Monday evening, we will mark the ninth of Av, the date when the Temple was destroyed. But it was destroyed in our hearts long before the bricks were set ablaze. With these compelling words, The Hida describes this inner ruin (Devarim Achadim, Tractate no. 6): “What can we say when we regret all day the ruin of the House and the [absence of] redemption? …It was all ruined because of unfounded hatred, and if we are disunited now and there is unfounded hatred, how can the House be built, since the cause of our ruin has not ceased from us? How can we say that we await Your salvation all the day while there is still unfounded hatred in our midst? Woe, how can man do good deeds as long as his impurity of baseless hatred is still in him?”


To be the landlords in the land of Israel, we must become once more the people of Israel, yehudim [Jews] from the word, yihudi [united]. Unless we reconstruct our unity and reassume our commitment to be a beacon of unity unto nations, the world will not support our being here and we will be expelled once more.


Sovereignty in the land of Israel is unlike the sovereignty in any other land—acquired by military might. This land has no sovereign; its dwellers are people who are willing to connect, to unite above their hatred, just like our forefathers. If we can learn the lesson from the horrors of our ancestors and transcend our selfish egos, we will merit staying here, and the entire world will be behind us. But if we opt once more for enmity, then we will suffer the hostility of the entire world, but not before we scuffle with each other once again.


For more information on antisemitism and the role of the people of Israel, please visit Why Do People Hate Jews.


Michael Laitman has a PhD in Philosophy and Kabbalah and an MSc in Medical Bio-Cybernetics. He was the prime disciple of Kabbalist Rav Baruch Shalom Ashlag (the RABASH). Laitman has written over 40 books, which have been translated into dozens of languages. Click Here to visit his author page.

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Rabbis call on Jews to visit Temple Mount ‘to strengthen our claim to this holy place’

Jpost Israel News

By Jeremy Sharon / July 27, 2017

Several dozen prominent national-religious rabbis issued a statement on Thursday encouraging Jews to visit the Temple Mount, a call which comes against the background of severe tensions that have surrounded the site since two Israeli policemen were murdered there by three Arab-Israeli men two weeks ago.

The rabbis declared that it is of religious merit to visit the Temple Mount and that such visits bolster the Jewish people’s claim to it.

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“It is a great merit to go up, and to be raised up, to the holy mountain in order to seek guidance for Zion and to strengthen our hold on this holy place,” wrote the rabbis.

Among the most prominent rabbinical leaders on the list of signatories are far-right leader and halachist Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz, a highly respected arbiter of Jewish law, Rabbi Yisrael Rozen, together with another 37 yeshiva deans, and communal heads.

The rabbis insisted however that anyone who goes up to the Temple Mount comply with religious strictures at the site, including immersing in a ritual bath before ascending, not wearing leather shoes, and refraining from entering areas forbidden by Jewish law, specifically close proximity to the Dome of the Rock Islamic shrine, where it is believed the Temple’s Holy of Holies was located.

The Temple Mount is the holiest place in Judaism, and is believed to be the site of the Biblical accounts of the Binding of Isaac; Jacob’s dream of a ladder reaching to the heaven with angels ascending and descending; and was the location of the First and Second Temples.

In recent years, leaders from the national-religious community, including Lior and others, have supported visiting the Temple Mount due to its holy nature and to advance Jewish prayer rights there.

The Islamic Wakf which administers the site refuses to allow non-Muslims to pray in any way at the holy place, bow, dance, or any other expression of attachment and devotion to the site, and anyone caught doing so is arrested and removed.

Visiting hours for non-Muslims are also extremely restricted, while Jewish visitors are frequently subjected to intense harassment from Muslims at the site.

Muslims revere the Temple Mount as Haram al-Sharif, or the noble Sanctuary, and believe it to be the place where Muhammad ascended to heaven. The al-Aksa mosque located at the site is one of holiest places in Islam.

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Settlers in standoff with IDF after moving into a Hebron house

Jpost Arab Israeli Conflict

By Tovah Lazaroff / July 25, 2017

Fifteen families were in a standoff with the IDF on Tuesday night after moving into a three-story structure in Hebron they claim to have purchased five years ago from its Palestinian owners.

Soldiers and Border Police officers immediately surrounded the house, known as Beit Hamachpela. It is located across the parking lot from the Tomb of the Patriarchs in an area of the city under Israeli control. “There are men, women, children and babies here,” said a spokesman for the families, Shlomo Levinger.

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The Civil Administration has given the families permission to purchase the property, but they have to provide satisfactory proof of purchase. The families appealed a 2015 decision by the Registration Committee not to transfer the property to them. Last month a military appeals court sent the matter back to the Registration Committee.

The families have seen this step as a sign that the purchase is legal and on Tuesday called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to expedite the process. “Without any legal or moral justification the government of Israel is preventing the families from living in homes they have purchased,” Levinger said.

He added that the timing of the move was a reaction to events in Jerusalem with regard to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which is occurring precisely at the moment in the Jewish calendar that focuses on mourning the destruction of the Jewish Temple on that spot 2,000 years ago.

“In these day of Jewish bloodshed and bereavement, the Israeli government has shown weakness vis-a-vis our enemies,” Levinger said.

“We call on the government to bravely raise the flag of settlements and faithfulness to the land of Israel,” Levinger said.

Enough authorizations have been given for the project to allow families to move in, he told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday night, speaking by phone from inside the home.

The left-wing organization Peace Now called on the government to immediately order their removal.

“After they have failed time and again to prove ownership, the settlers have decided to ignore the law and invade the home, with the intent to create a new settlement that will inflame the area,” Peace Now said.

“We’re calling on Netanyahu to show zero tolerance for this band of criminals,” it added.

The IDF forcibly removed the families in 2012, after they first moved into the building and provided documents to show proof of purchase. Since then the structure has been sealed.

It is located next to two Palestinian schools and in an otherwise Palestinian neighborhood of the city. The Jewish community in Hebron has only about 1,000 members that live in four apartment complexes, a military base and a yeshiva. Any purchase of property significantly increases their holding. Last year the Hebron Jewish community tried to move into two buildings they claimed to have purchased on Shuhada Street, which they have called Beit Rachel and Beit Leah. These structures are also close to the Tomb of the Patriarchs. The IDF forced the Jewish inhabitants to leave and those structures have also been sealed pending proof of purchase.

After Jerusalem, Hebron has been one of the flashpoint in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The attempt to move into Beit HaMachpela comes just weeks after UNESCO registered the Tomb of the Patriarchs and the Old Town around it to the “State of Palestine.” Both structures are located in that Old Town.

Tuesday’s attempt to force Netanyahu’s hand on the issue of growth in the Hebron Jewish community, opens yet one more issue of contention between the prime minister and his right-wing base of support.

Settlers from Beit El have called on him to make good on his five-year pledge to authorize 300 homes for their settlement. Fifteen families that live in the Nativ Haavot outpost set up a protest tent this week outside the Knesset to solicit legislative help in finding a solution to the pending demolition of their homes.

The High Court of Justice has mandated that the homes must be demolished by March 2018, after a land survey found that they were built on land that could be considered to belong to Palestinians.

To date, no alternative housing solution has been provided for them.

On Tuesday, the 40 families evacuated in February from the Amona outpost complained that the work had stopped on construction of infrastructure for the new settlement of Amihai. They plan to build permanent homes there, but the Defense Ministry had not transferred money to the Binyamin Regional Council so that the work could be completed.

Upon hearing of the matter, Netanyahu immediately ordered the transfer of the necessary funds.

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WATCH: California Imam calls on Allah to annihilate Jews

Jpost Arab-Israeli Conflict

By Jpost Staff 7/25/2017

In a July 21 lecture posted on the Davis Masjid YouTube channel, Muslim preacher Ammar Shahin spoke in English and Arabic about how all Muslims, not only Palestinians or Syrians, will be called upon to kill all the Jews on “the last day.”

In a video translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Shahin also stressed that the Hadith (oral tradition of sayings attributed to the prophet of Islam) does not say where the final battle will take place. “If it is in Palestine,” for example, “or another place,” hinting at the possibility that such a battle could happen in the United States or Europe as well.

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He also prayed that al-Aksa mosque be liberated from “the filth of the Jews.”

Born in Egypt and holding a B.A in Islamic Studies, Shahin traveled to the US in 1999 and obtained a degree in computer engineering. He is an instructor of the Zidani Islamic Institute which teaches Sunni Islam to the West.

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Three arrested for saying Kaddish for slain family on the Temple Mount

Jpost Israeli News

By JPOST.COM STAFF / July 25, 2017

Three Israeli Jews were detained on Temple Mount in Jerusalem Tuesday after they recited the Kaddish (the Jewish prayer for the dead) in honor of the Salomon family who were brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist on Friday.

Rabbi and activist Ari Abramowitz, one of the men arrested, told The Jerusalem Post that he was moved to go to the site after having attended the funeral of the slain family members on Sunday.

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“It was devastating,” he said. “It was clear to me that going there [to the Temple Mount] is the calling of all the Jewish people, that there could be no peace unless we made the issue about God.”

“As far as I know, this is the first time a minyan has been assembled to say Kaddish on the site. After they detained me, I heard the police say on the walkie-talkie that they would have to arrest the entire group because they said ‘amen’ at the end of the prayer and that constitutes a violation of the regulations of the site.”

Non-Muslims are allowed to visit the site, but not to pray there, for fear of offending the Muslim worshipers.

Abramowitz said he was aware of the law prohibiting Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, but that if forced to choose between law and justice, “of course I’m going to violate the law.”

The brutal attack in Halamish came amid heightened tensions in the wake of a shooting attack at the Temple Mount on July 14 that left two Israeli Border Police officers dead. Following that attack, Israel increased security measures, including installing metal detectors and cameras around the entrance to the Jerusalem holy site, as well as deploying extra troops to Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The Palestinians and the Muslim world reacted with fury over the moves, which they said indicated an Israeli attempt to change the status quo at the Temple Mount. A spate of violence and clashes have since ensued.

Although the metal detectors were removed on Tuesday morning, Muslim believers have been encouraged by the Wakf (Muslim religious authority) to cease praying at the holy site until all Israeli security measures, including cameras, have been lifted.

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Muslim worshipers still refusing to enter Temple Mount

Jpost Israeli News

By Jeremy Sharon / July 25, 2017

Despite the removal of metal detectors from the entrances to the Temple Mount, Muslim worshipers are still refusing to enter the compound due to the presence of the newly installed smart-cameras at the site.

The worshipers said that they refused to enter the holy place if security cameras and other sensors and security equipment put in place over the last ten days remained in place.

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The smart-cameras placed at the Lion’s Gate, the central access point for Muslim worshipers going up to the al-Aksa mosque on the Temple Mount, had been removed, Maariv reported, although security cameras inside the compound remained in place.

A statement by the Wakf, the Muslim religious authority that administers the Temple Mount, said that they would only enter the al-Aksa Mosque “once all manifestations of aggression by the Zionist occupation are removed and the situation returns to what it was like before July 14.”

Jewish Temple Mount activist groups posted pictures of the site completely empty on Monday morning during the hours non-Muslims are permitted to visit, in contrast to the large number of Muslims usually present.

On Monday night, the security cabinet issued a statement saying that it had adopted the recommendations of the various security services to remove the metal detectors in favor of the smart-cameras as well as “other measures.”

Until the cameras and other requirements are in place, the numbers of police personnel at the site will be increased in order to ensure the safety of visitors to the Temple Mount.

The cabinet allocated some NIS 100 million for the implementation of the program which will be completed within six months.

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