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Knights of Columbus on Mid East Genocide

Fox News reporting with Carl Anderson – We must act now to stop the Middle East genocide By Carl Anderson Published April 28, 2016 The world’s greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II is unfolding in the Middle East. Hundreds … Continue reading

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Palestinians clash with IDF forces

The Jpost reports- Palestinians clash with IDF forces as Jewish worshipers visit Joseph’s Tomb Hundreds of worshipers arrive on last intermediate day of Passover to visit what is said to be the burial spot of the Jewish patriarch. A group … Continue reading

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Dar al-Harb vs. Dar al-Islam

Dar al-Harb vs. Dar al-Islam Peace, War, and Politics  By Austin Cline A crucial distinction made in Islamic theology is that between dar al-harb and dar al-islam. To put it simply, dar al-harb (territory of war or chaos) is the … Continue reading

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ISIS Jihadi Kickbocker Arrested

Isis: Jihadi kickboxer who planned to attack Israeli embassy in Rome is arrested   By Umberto Bacchi Apr Kickboxer Moutaharrik Abderrahim has been arrested by Italian policeItalian Police A kickboxing champion who allegedly planned to target the Israeli embassy in … Continue reading

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IDF Tweets

IDF ‏@IDFSpokesperson Apr 26 A dangerous terror alliance: The 600-1,000 ISIS fighters in the Sinai are partnering with Hamas

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Pikuach HaNefesh Preservation of Life

Pikuach nefesh From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In Judaism, Pikuach Nefesh (Hebrew: פיקוח נפש) describes the principle in Jewish law that the preservation of human life overrides virtually any other religious consideration. When the life of a specific person is in … Continue reading

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Maps: the West Bank

Maps: The occupation of the West Bank by Ehab Zahriyeh @EhabZ July 4, 2014 10:04AM ET Varying layers of Israeli control show stark reality of Palestinian life under occupation Topics: Israel Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Palestine Maps West Bank

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A Passing Interest

I have a passing interest in seeing that a Community College is built in Nazareth, Israel. I suppose this college might be patterned after Portland Community College with a focus on building construction technology, nursing and the hospitality industry. Just my … Continue reading

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A Third Intifada?

Daniel K Eisenbud reports from JPOST Comment: The Temple Mount – Radical Islam’s twisted trump card in their holy war against Israel Palestinian leadership and media have recklessly colluded to propagate the patently false and deadly narrative that Jews intend … Continue reading

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Free Speech for Terrorist

Jpost reports – “Allowing a convicted terrorist to present her opinions can only serve as an incentive for other terrorists,” Israel’s Ambassador to Austria, Talya Lador-Fresher, told The Jerusalem Post. Leila Khaled, a member of the Popular Front for the … Continue reading

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