The Luxembourg Agreement – Precusor to Middle East Claims Conference?

The Luxembourg Agreement: A Precusor to a Middle East Claims Conference?

The Luxembourg Agreement

Beginning in 1949, the state of Israel and the Claims Conference began diplomatic efforts demanding German acknowledgement and financial responsibility for Nazi war crimes. In its initial post-war demands, Israel and the Conference demanded financial reparations, efforts to combat anti-Semitism, the reeducation of the German young people, and investigations of continued Nazi participation in the new West German government.

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Here we have a model from which to work with to ensure that there is a Claims Conference established for Middle East Refugees of whatever origins. Israel might demand Arab acknowledgement and financial responsibility for human rights violations (e.g. the Farhud) and contributing to the Middle East Jewish Refugee crisis, inter alia of 1948, 1967; demand financial reparations (e.g. for it’s Mizrachi Refugee Population), require of the PA that efforts to combat anti-Semitism/Zionism (viz incitement to terrorism) are well documented, (e.g. press reports, video of classroom lectures,) the reeducation of the Palestinian young people, and investigations of continued anti-Semitism/Zionism participation in the new West Bank Palestinian government by a UN Regional Middle East Commission for Claims Conference …. On the other side of the Conference, the Palestinian Refugees might demand relocation and reparations pursuant to UN Resolution 194, Section 11 and Lebanese – Syrian Refugees irrespective of class (e.g. religion) might demand of the Assad Coalition Regime (to wit, the Iranian-Hizbollah-Syrian Axis) relocation and reparations patterned after UN Resolution 194, Section 11.

A Middle East Claims Conference would aid in the settlement of the Middle East Peace Process and utilize the rule of law to enlighten the region that there is another path to peace than the reliance on the sword for justice ….


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