Representing a People – The Anglo-American Treaty of 1924

Skipping From the Luxembourg Agreement to Today:

Representing a People


For over fifty years the Claims Conference has under-taken the daunting task of representing the Jewish people in Holocaust compensation and restitution negotiations.

Throughout its history, the Claims Conference has not only negotiated Holocaust compensation and restitution agreements but has played a pivotal role in monitoring the implementation of laws and agreements and has participated in the distribution of funds.

Secondly, on November 10, 1947 under Military Law No. 59, The Restitution of Identifiable Property, American authorities accepted that property subject to persecution measures should be restituted to a successor organization where there were no surviving heirs or no timely claimants for such assets.

In June 1948 the Jewish Restitution Successor Organization was authorized to take action to recover any unclaimed or heirless property in the American zone8 and equivalent provisionswere later adopted in the British and French zones and the western sectors ofBerlin (and in recent years with respect to East Germany).9 This principle,which was established in response to the unprecedented devastation of the Holocaust, represented a departure from general legal doctrine, as it was and is in stark contradiction to the law of escheat whereby all heirless property reverts to the state



The Luxembourg Agreement has carried out the rule of law since it’s hard wrought inception. We await a comprehensive settlement for one half of the Jewish Claims Against Material Properties from Arab and Islamic Lands. Here, we are advocating for a Middle East Claims Conference patterned after the Luxembourg Agreement whereby recognition and compensation can be given to all Middle Eastern Refugees of whatever origins. Here, we can utilize the League of Nations Mandate System to map out claims according to regions and these regions (e.g. British, French, Arab-Israeli) be the representative givernments for restitution and recompensation.

Here, a joint US-UK Reprentative (persuant to the Anglo-American Treaty of 1924) and a French Representative would present claims in behalf of the Jewish Refugees and Syrian Refugees and in behalf of the Palestinian population, the House of Abdullah II bin Hashemi (Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein عبد الله الثاني بن الحسين, ʿAbdullāh aṯ-ṯānī ibn Al-Ḥusayn; born 30 January 1962), The Hashemite may, for the sake of peace and democracy represent the Palestinian population for restitution and recompensation of his body politic.

The stronger the claim the quicker the resolution.

Lets take “Steps Towards Peace” and make a difference. Embrace the comprehensive solution!

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