The Art of Fighting Without Fighting – Master Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do – The Art of Fighting Without Fighting Jeet Kune Do

When we think about martial art systems and different fighting techniques a centerline question may be asked, “What style are you and what will be your response to the energy that I give you?” We always think very linear about our ability to respond when we are trained in any martial art system. The question may arise do we always use brute force in a street situation or any heated conflict when confronted by a bully? The answer may be ambiguous and might relate to what is relative at the time. I love to recall a scene in the motion picture “ENTER THE DRAGON” when Master Bruce’s space is invaded by a bully who obviously believes that he is invincible. In this scene Bruce appears to be in deep thought demonstrating his ability to focus and assert his thoughts into power.

The bully poses the question, “What style are you? “And Bruce responds, “The art of fighting without fighting.” The bully repeats the response like it some ancient Chinese secret, “fighting without fighting” Bruce starts to walk away and then the bully attempts to stop him when Bruce responds, “Don’t waste yourself.” The bully wants to use intimidation; however, Master Bruce has a foil in place to ultimately diffuse this bully and points to an island where there will be more room to fight. Bruce fools his opponent and makes him believe that he is going fight. The man then jumps into a dingy while Bruce stays on the boat holding a line. Knowing all along, he had out smarted and redirected his opponents force without even touching him. This is a remarkable subtle assertion of true personal power without violence; and Lee is unequivocally demonstrating the art of true deception. <;


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