Herzog implies Israel should hold vote on two-state solution

Jpost Reports-

In the same spirit of the ‘Brexit’ vote, opposition leader Isaac Herzog implied Sunday that the Israeli public vote on the prospect of a two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In an interview with Army Radio Sunday morning, Herzog, speaking from London, stated that the people of Israel “need to be asked whether they want an Israeli-Palestinian state or [just] an Israeli state.”

Herzog’s comments come in wake of the historic ‘Brexit’ vote that took place this past Thursday which has sent shock-waves across the globe and has been seen as democratic inspiration for numerous groups and countries.

Sparking initiatives for additional EU exits, a second Scottish independence referendum and even a Texas secession which has been dubbed ‘Texit.’

“There is an issue that has been accompanying our lives for generations and it is the Palestinian issue,” Herzog told the radio station. “I do not think that the elections necessarily reflect our attitudes in relation to this issue. We need to ask the citizens of this country whether they want an Israeli-Palestinian state or an Israeli state.”

“The public majority wants an agreement with the Palestinians, knows there are dangers, and knows that there are essential security needs,” Herzog added, “but lets take action. The people should determine and know what they are leaving for future generations.”

When asked by Army Radio to elaborate, he noted that an examination should be conducted to decide the best method for engaging the public’s opinion.

In recent months Herzog has taken an increasingly vocal position in support of a two-state solution which includes the completion of new security fences. Just last week it was revealed that prior to elections, Herzog met with high-ranking Palestinian Authority officials to negotiate a two-state solution.

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