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Putting it all on the table: Ayman Odeh has a dream of a better future for Israel

JPOST Reports- Joint List leader Ayman Odeh’s dream and Israel’s reality haven’t meshed so far. The Oslo years and Yitzhak Rabin resonate deeply with Ayman Odeh. As leader of the Joint List, a party that combines Hadash, Balad and the … Continue reading

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Israel reiterates support for a two-state solution amid GOP shift

Jpost Reports- Ambassador Dermer offered praise and thanks for the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, who brokered a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza while she was secretary of state. PHILADELPHIA — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu still believes the … Continue reading

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A-G to rule on use of ‘abandoned property law’ to save Amona outpost

Jpost Reports- Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman is hoping a new interpretation of the law can be found, which would allow the state to seize Palestinian property that had been abandoned for decades. The Amona outpost in the West Bank. (photo … Continue reading

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2 members of Muslim Wakf arrested for attacking Jewish tourist on Temple Mount

Jpost Reports- Suspects charge tourist and punch him in face, continue to beat him. Two male members of the Jordanian Wakf Muslim religious trust were arrested by police Wednesday morning after both men assaulted a Jewish tourist visiting the Temple … Continue reading

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For first time during Syria war, Israel opens border for humanitarian aid

Jpost Reports- “Israel finally agreed to allow in three types of aid: medical, educational, and food,” American-Israeli organizing aid flow tells Post. An internally displaced Syrian youth carries a baby inside a refugee camp in the Hama countryside. (photo credit:REUTERS) … Continue reading

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Dabiq, Syria

“In Islamic eschatology, it is believed that Dabiq is one of two possible locations for an epic battle between invading Christians and the defending Muslims which will result in a Muslim victory and mark the beginning of the end of … Continue reading

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MKs, Christians and Israel supporters come together at the Knesset to condemn BDS

Jpost Reports- The overall message of the event was that the future looks positive Members of the Knesset and Israel supporters alike joined together to condemn the language of the BDS movement and to thank the Christian community for their … Continue reading

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‘Possible that Erdogan engineered coup,’ former Pentagon official tells ‘Post’

Jpost Reports- Harold Rhode: In the Middle East, truth is a malleable commodity and regimes invent whatever evidence they need. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a “megalomaniac” and could have manufactured the July 15 coup d’état attempt to rehabilitate his … Continue reading

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Saudi delegation to Israel

Saudi delegation to Israel: Ending Palestinian conflict critical for ties with Arab states <; The question is, are the Palestinian Factions willing to end the conflict? I doubt it…. There is Islamic Jihad, Hamas, PLFP and Fatah entrenched in Palestinian … Continue reading

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Bill blocking pensions for terrorists clears hurdle

Jpost Reports- Legislation that would block terrorists in prison and their families from receiving certain pension payments received the Ministerial Committee for Legislation’s approval Sunday. The bill proposed by MK Ya’acov Peri (Yesh Atid) would prevent terrorists from receiving disability … Continue reading

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