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UNESCO resolution is a ‘disgrace to intelligent people,’ says Temple Mount archeologist

Jpost – Israel News By DANIEL K. EISENBUD \10/26/2016 On the eve of UNESCO’s Wednesday vote in Paris to ratify a resolution denying Jewish ties to Judaism’s holiest site, Temple Mount Sifting Project co-founder and archeologist Dr. Gabriel Barkay dismissed … Continue reading

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Netanyahu recalls Israeli envoy to UNESCO for ‘consultations’

Jpost Arab-Israeli Conflict By HERB KEINON \10/26/2016 Shama-Cohen demonstratively responded to the resolution at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris by throwing the resolution into a garbage bin bearing a sign with the word “history” on it. Israel’s envoy to UNESCO … Continue reading

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Accept Palestine or face ‘sea of hatred,’ Jordanian king warns Israel

TIMES OF ISRAEL Reports Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Abdullah accuses Jewish state of attempting to alter status quo on Temple Mount Jordan’s King Abdullah warned Israel would find itself in “a sea of hatred” if it did not … Continue reading

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Lapid with ambassadors at Gaza border: We’re under attack by terrorists

JPOST Politics And Diplomacy By LAHAV HARKOV \10/25/2016 Yesh Atid chairman MK Yair Lapid took ambassadors and diplomats from 14 countries on a tour of the Gaza border to discuss the security situation in the south Tuesday. “The world needs … Continue reading

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Your Enemies Will Lie

Arutz Sheva Israel National News Parshat Vezot Habracha-Your Enemies Will Lie by Joseph Frager, MD In Moshe Rabeinu’s concluding words he prophecies that when the time for the redemption will come, the enemies of Israel will prevaricate about their circumstances. … Continue reading

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A Bridge Too Far: Peres’s grand vision for the Middle East

Jpost Reports The star-studded mourners’ armada that surrounded his grave had just departed, leaving Shimon Peres among his new neighbors at the Mount Herzl Cemetery’s Leaders of the Nation plot. It seemed, in the eyes of a visitor, like a … Continue reading

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Netanyahu: Where are the human rights organizations?

Arutz Sheva Israel National News Netanyahu urges the international community to help free four Palestinian Arabs who were arrested for visiting Efrat mayor’s sukkah. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday urged the international community to help free four Palestinian Arabs … Continue reading

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PA detains four Palestinians for drinking coffee with settlers in Efrat succa

Jpost Reports Arab-Israeli Conflict By TOVAH LAZAROFF, ADAM RASGON \10/23/2016 “It’s quite pathetic to be arrested for having a cup of coffee with your neighbors,” said Efrat council head Oded Revivi EFRAT COUNCIL head Oded Revivi hosts 30 Palestinians from … Continue reading

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The perfect response to UNESCO: Succot

Jpost Opinion By DOV LIPMAN \10/20/2016 Walking the streets of Jerusalem during these festive days, it suddenly struck me just how perfectly timed was the absurd UNESCO decision disconnecting Judaism from the Temple Mount – because no holiday exposes the … Continue reading

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Jerusalem: The Heart & Soul of the Conflict

FRONTPAGE MAGAZINE Exposing the Palestinian cause to de-judaize the mostly religiously important Jewish city. March 15, 2012 Yedidya Atlas Last month Qatar hosted representatives from Islamic countries attending the “International Conference for the Defence of Occupied Jerusalem.” Supposedly they convened … Continue reading

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