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What’s at the crux of Iraqi Kurdish interest in Israel?

Jpost Middle East By NATAN ODENHEIMER \11/29/2016 In recent years, Iraq in general and Iraqi Kurdistan in particular have shown increasing interest in Jews and Jewish history and culture. While this pertains to a comparatively minor part of society there, … Continue reading

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Parshah Tol’dot – “And may G-d give you of the dew of the heavens….”

Torah Reading for Genesis 27:28 “And may G-d give you of the dew of the heavens and the fat of the land and abundance of grain and wine.” “And may G-d give you” Rashi: May He give and repeat and … Continue reading

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How hackers tried to ‘poison’ Syria’s Assad

Jpost Middle East By YASSER OKBI/ MAARIV HASHAVUA \11/28/2016   Rumors of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s demise spread quickly throughout the social media landscape Monday after the country’s Ministry of Information became the target of a cyber attack. “There was … Continue reading

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And Isaac’s servants….

Rabbenu Bechaye Bereshit 26:19 “And Isaac’s servants dug in the valley, and they found there a well of living waters.” (Bereshit 26:19) The Ramban explains this, saying: the Torah describes the story of these wells at length not in order … Continue reading

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Parshah Tol’dot – Torah Reading for Genesis 26.19-20

B’rashith (Genesis) 26.19-20 “And Isaac’s servants digged in the valley, and found there a well of living water. And the shepherds of Gerar quarreled with Isaac’s shepherds, saying, “The water is ours”; so he named the well Esek, because they … Continue reading

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Beduin man freed from jailing over Facebook satire chiding Israel fire celebrations

Jpost Israel News By ELIYAHU KAMISHER \11/27/2016 A firefighting plane drops fire retardant during a wildfire, near the communal settlement of Nataf, close to Jerusalem November 23, 2016.. (photo credit:REUTERS) A Rahat man, detained Thursday for his Facebook post which … Continue reading

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Report: Nuclear material said stolen from Iran could yield ‘dirty bomb’

Jpost Middle East By JPOST.COM STAFF \11/27/2016 The identity of the alleged thieves remains unknown, according to London-based Arabic newspaper. Employees of the Research Institute for Protective Technologies, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection (WIS) inspect a dummy sample which is … Continue reading

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Shin Bet nabs cell from outlawed Islamic group over Temple Mount harassment

Jpost Arab-Israeli Conflict By YONAH JEREMY BOB, ANNA AHRONHEIM \11/27/2016 Four “senior members” of Israel’s Islamic Movement who tried to harass Jews visiting the Temple Mount and to raise funds for continued harassment have been arrested and indicted, the Shin … Continue reading

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Ohana: ‘What is going on in the Islamic world has to change.’

Jpost Breaking News Knesset member Amir Ohana released a statement on Saturday issuing a warning to both the Islamic world and to the rest of the world. Speaking at a cultural event in Herzliya, Ohana said “It’s time for the … Continue reading

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Palestine: Not a state, but already a failure

Arutz Sheva – Israel National News Reported By Leonie Ben-Simon, 21/12/15 The PA is a failure and any state built on its ruins will be a worse failure. During the last century the great powers drew lines in the sands … Continue reading

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