Treaty Law and the Failure of Oslo

perhaps it’s time to recognize that Oslo is a failure and we need a different approach to resolving the conflict. why not advocate for or negotiate a settlement with the Palestinians, Jordan, Egypt and the Saudis, patterned after the Canadian Treaty Lands Entitlement Agreements and the Luxemborg Agreement so that all refugees of the 1948 Israeli-Arab war of independence, both Arabs and Jewish can be afforded compensation and reparations…. time to move on and apply “treaty law” to the conflict so that we can end it.

Watch From Dream to Reality The Story of Saskatchewan Treaty Land Entitlement.


About johnmhummasti

Was the victim of Human Rights Abuses (e.g. Hummasti v Bell, 98-3651-JTC) while a patient in the custody of the US Attorney General and hospitalized under 18 USC 4241 through 4244, et seq.! Interests: Biblical Studies, Talmudic Studies, Dead Sea (Yam Melek [Sea of Kings Soferim]) Scrolls, Scribal (Stam Sofer) Traditions, Cantorial (Hazzan) Psalms (Tehillim). Illustrated Calligraphy (e.g. Ketuvim [Jewish Marriage Contracts], Poetry). Self Published Manuscripts and Screen Plays at yhummastiscribd web site:
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