Gideon’s “Fleece”


Question: “Is it acceptable to “lay out a fleece” before G-D in prayer?”

For example, a person wishes to know the specific “Will of HaShem” in a given circumstance or situation so they put “a test and counter-test” (as Gideon did) in prayer before G-D, under the “two witness rule” [“let every matter be established at the mouth of two or three witnesses.”] so as to be sure when the test and counter-test is answered (or not) that the matter is G-D’s true will!

They might pray, “HaShem, please give me a sign. If such and such happens, then I will know it is Your Will to ….” The second prayer would ask the opposite

Doesn’t the Torah prohibit us from “testing G-D?” Deuteronomy 6.16

The concept of “putting out a fleece” comes from the story of Gideon, a leader in Israel, in Judges 6. When G-D directed him through the Angel to gather the Israelite troops to defeat the Midianite invaders, Gideon wanted to be sure it was really G-D’s will he was hearing and that he understood His directions. He asked G-D for a sign to prove that this was truly His will. So he put out a piece of wool overnight and asked G-D to make it wet while keeping the surrounding dirt dry. G-D graciously did as Gideon had tested, and in the morning the fleece was wet enough to produce a bowl of water when it was wrung out.

But Gideon wanted to be sure and not rely on “the voice of an angel” so he asked G-D for another sign—this time to keep another fleece dry while making the surrounding dirt wet. Again, G-D answered his trial, and Gideon was finally convinced that G-D meant what He said and that the nation of Israel would have the victory the L-RD had promised in Judges 6:14-16. Putting out the fleeces was the second time Gideon had asked for a sign that God was really talking to him and would do what He said He would.

So, is it permissable, given “Gideon’s Fleece” in Judges 6, to lay a “fleece and counter-fleece” before HaShem in prayer so that one might know the Will of HaShem with certainty or confidence?


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