Help Tsippi Return Home

Help us to help policewoman Tsippi and her family to purchase an accessible home, suited to her needs, so she can start a new life after more than nine months that she has been “imprisoned’ at Hadassah Mount Scopus hospital, while the terrorist who stabbed her is alive and well.

Tsippi Yacovian, the most seriously injured victim of the ‘Stabbing Intifada’, who survived against all odds, is ‘imprisoned’ for over 270 days in hospital. She can’t be released because she doesn’t have a home to go to that is adapted to her needs.

She could have been released from the Hadassah hospital already two months ago, but she is trapped there because she does not have a house to return to that is suitable for her complex medical requirements. Most recovering attack victims go home for a short visits in order to adapt to life ‘on the outside’, but Tsippi does not even have this option.

The Rehabilitation Department of the Ministry of Defense, assisted by tens of real estate agents, has been searching for a suitable apartment for Tsippi. However, even the few apartments they found which could be appropriate, cost more than one million shekels above the maximum amount that the family (assisted by the Ministry of Defense) can afford.

Yacovian, a 38 year old policewoman, was injured in September 2016 in a terror attack at Herod’s Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, adjacent to the police station where she had served for years. She was stabbed multiple times by a terrorist who stabbed another policeman and critically injured Tsippi. She was evacuated to hospital and categorized as having very little chance of survival because the stabbing injuries had severed her spinal cord.

Tsippi hovered between life and death for a number of weeks. Her family was told that her chances of survival were slim and that she would not be able to breathe independently. But Tsippi fought to overcome her complicated injuries and slowly began the long path to recovery at Hadassah Mount Scopus hospital.

Tsippi’s complex medical predicament requires a broad and intensive support system. She has a wide wheelchair because of her disabilities, she needs 24 hour day assistance, specialized equipment and a completely accessible house. She does not have the ability to even press a button for an elevator on her own. She needs to undergo regular special treatments to deal with sudden drops in her blood pressure resulting from the injuries to the main artery in her neck.

Additionally, Tsippi is incapable of travelling for more than short periods of time because of her medical condition and thus, her home needs to be in the vicinity of both the Hadassah hospital (Ein Kerem) and the ‘Beit Halochem – Soldiers House’ where she will continue with her rehabilitation, in Jerusalem.

Uri Schechter, a social entrepreneur who got to know the family during their stay at the Hadassah hospital, decided to establish a fundraising campaign for Tsippi motivated by his feeling that the family was living on borrowed time and could fall apart if a solution was not found as soon as possible.

In addition to his other efforts, he is publically appealing for support for Tsippi through a ‘Give Back’ crowdfunding campaign calling for people to: Help me to free Tsippi!

“Tsippi is alive but not really living. After so many efforts, after her stubborn fight to overcome her injuries, we all have a moral responsibility to help her. We need to get her a house so she can begin to live her life, to return home to her family.”

Dear friends, we need your assistance. Tsippi faithfully served her country for over two decades and she needs our help.

Every donation is important and each contribution brings us closer to achieving our goal.

Uri Schechter is the manager of the “Shoreshim’ Department of the Tzohar Rabbis organization, Deputy Brigade Commander (Res.) of the Nahal (IDF) Brigade and a social activist.

Please Note!

Donations will be debited only if the campaign reaches its fundraising goal within the designated time period.

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