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Israeli Settlements and International Law

Israeli Settlements and International Law Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs 30 Nov 2015 Attempts to present Jewish settlement in West Bank territory (ancient Judea and Samaria) as illegal and “colonial” in nature ignores the complexity of this issue, the history … Continue reading

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Silver Half-Shekel: Mitzvah Protecting The Souls Of The IDF Soldiers

Silver Half-Shekel: Mitzvah Protecting The Souls Of The IDF Soldiers Breaking Israel News By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz March 8, 2018 , 3:50 pm Everyone who is numbered, from twenty years old and over, shall give the contribution to the Lord. … Continue reading

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Netanyahu: 2 State Solution ‘Doesn’t Work with What We See’

“You can say it will be good if we give [the Palestinians] a state … empirically it doesn’t work with what we see,” Netanyahu stated. By: World Israel News Staff Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that a two-state solution to … Continue reading

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State Department Backs Lebanese Land Grab against Israel

Commentary Evelyn Gordon / Mar. 2, 2018 State Department officials have spent a lot of time in Lebanon recently. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited the country two weeks ago, and Acting Assistant Secretary of State David Satterfield made an … Continue reading

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Why does tiny Israel nettle the nations?

Why Does Tiny Israel Nettle the Nations? Arutz Sheva – Israel National News By Prof. Paul Eidelberg Whereas Socrates was the gadfly of Athens, Israel is the gadfly of mankind. And whereas Athens, a democracy, silenced its finest citizen, so … Continue reading

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Palestinians View All of Israel as ‘One Big Settlement’

When Palestinians and some of their supporters in the international community say that they want an end to the “occupation,” they mean they want to see an end to Israel’s existence. By: Bassam Tawil/The Gatestone Institute No doubt Ismail Radwan … Continue reading

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Golda Meir: On the Palestinians – and terror

Arutz Sheva 06/02/18 06:54 “Had Israel not repelled her would-be destroyers , no Jewish refugees would be alive in the Middle East to concern the world.” From the New York Times 41 years ago. Nothing has changed. Former PM Golda … Continue reading

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