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This Week’s Parsha

B”H Parshat Mikeitz Shabbat, 2 Tevet, 5777 31 December, 2016 Genesis Chapter 42 11″We are all sons of one man. We are honest. Your servants were never spies.” Come & learn a niggun*: We are all sons of one man. … Continue reading

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Zionism – What is it?

Zionism – is the space where I dance to the niggunim! <;

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Avinu Avraham

Avinu Avraham (To the Tune of Hava Nagila) Avinu Avraham Avinu Avraham Avinu Avraham, Lech LeCHAH Avinu Avraham Avinu Avraham Lech LeCHAH Lech LeCHAH LeChah LeHADAMA Lech Lechah Hadama Avinu Avraham Lech Lechah Lech Lechah HaAdama Avinu Avraham Avinu Avraham, … Continue reading

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