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Abraham hearkened to My voice and

From Talmud Yoma 28b Apropos the previous statement, the Gemara cites that Rav said: Abraham our Patriarch fulfilled the entire Torah before it was given, as it is stated: “Because [ekev] Abraham hearkened to My voice and kept My charge, … Continue reading

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Avinu Avraham

Avinu Avraham (To the Tune of Hava Nagila) Avinu Avraham Avinu Avraham Avinu Avraham, Lech LeCHAH Avinu Avraham Avinu Avraham Lech LeCHAH Lech LeCHAH LeChah LeHADAMA Lech Lechah Hadama Avinu Avraham Lech Lechah Lech Lechah HaAdama Avinu Avraham Avinu Avraham, … Continue reading

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